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Turbo VPN Mod Apk

VIP License | No Ads | Unlimited Bandwidth | Premium Activated

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TurboVPN Mod Apk Download For Android (No Ads/Premium Unlocked): Security and privacy is a big deal for everyone doing business online and everyone wants to maintain their privacy, and TurboVPN is a great tool that helps you to maintain your privacy a lot from companies that try to grab your details and what things you are looking for.

Do your companies are ready to pay up to $100 to know what you like and what you search on the internet? And usually, we don’t care about it if they are providing such amazing features for free then what is the issue, but the problem occurs when these companies start selling your data to other companies and use your details for making money.

But VPN is not made only to secure data privacy but there are other usages too such as to access websites and applications blocked in your regions, and helps you to keep safe, anonymous from the stuffs you are searching on the internet.

What Is VPN?

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network, and the meaning lies in the full form itself that is a Private Network that is Virtual which can’t be seen or touched, it can be only used and felt by us that we are using.

When you get connected with a VPN nobody knows what you are doing on the internet, even your ISP, because the data sent and received over VPN is fully encrypted, and no one is allowed to view it in the middle.

There are many service providers that provide VPN services absolutely for free whereas a few like NordVPN charge a fee for using their services. But it is not in the case of TurboVPN, it also has a premium plan but it is for advanced purposes only, if you only want to view some blocked sites, or maintain your privacy then the free version is enough for you.

What Is Turbo VPN?

Turbo VPN is a premium tool available for free in the google play store that helps to access all the blocked sites without any issue. When you surf the internet through VPN then it keeps your original IP address hidden from the ISP and maintains an end to end encrypted service, when your real IP is hidden then it also helps you to maintain security and access all the blocked contents and websites in your region.

Suppose if any website, app, the game is blocked in your region and you want to use it then it can't be done with your regular internet connection because your internet service provider won't let you access it. But applications like Turbo VPN create a virtual network that is private and fully secured and the data received is hidden to the service providers.

Because of its quality features, Turbo VPN has become one of the most popular VPN android applications with a massive download of 50M+ globally by giving users a secure network. A major issue that occurs with most of the VPN applications is internet speed becomes too slow but Turbo VPN mods fix that issue and gives a good browsing speed even at 3G internet.

Features Of Turbo VPN Mod Apk

Turbo VPN Pro apk is the best android VPN application for free, and even after being free, it has so many great and useful features. Let us have a look at all the important features of the Turbo VPN premium version.

100% Free To Use

Turbo VPN is a free android application, and it doesn't charge anything if you are not subscribing to their premium plans. But without getting into their premium plan you can continue to use their free services endlessly.

And when you download the Turbo VPN modded version from our website you will be able to access even the premium services such as no ads and premium servers which are locked for the free version users.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth means there is no limit of browsing, whereas there are a few applications that have limitations that you can’t browse after crossing a limit of data usage, but turbo VPN has no restriction, and you are free to browse unlimited internet even with the free version of the app.

High Speed

A major problem that occurs with most VPN tools is slow internet speed because your single internet gets used by two networks, one is VPN and the other one your device. But even after connecting to VPN, the internet speed is managed in such a way that it delivers a good speed. 

Full Security

This application has managed the security in a good way that it maintains the full security of user data transfer and provides full security by protecting all the details you share on the Internet. 

End To End Encrypted Data

Whatever the searches you make or the data you transfer is fully secured and end to end encrypted there is no role of any third party service or your internet service provider. It means you are fully anonymous on the web and no one is spying on you on the web about your activity.

Access Blocked sites

Due to some issues, there are a few apps and websites which are blocked in some regions and can’t be accessed with the original IP and the VPN creates a virtual network that is fully secured and your internet provider has no access to it so you can easily access all the blocked sites with Turbo VPN mod apk.

Easy To Use Options

Developers of TurboVPN have focused on better UX and that’s why they have made sure that users don’t get uncomfortable while using the app. That's why everything is simple and accessible just after opening the app. Whatever you need is available to you on the welcome screen.

One-Touch Connection

Yes, Turbo VPN pro apk has a one-touch connection option and it is available just after launching the app, and to get connected to the VPN all you need to do is to tap on the connect button and choose the region.

Global VPN Proxy Servers

Turbo VPN has its servers globally so that you get better speed and things become easier for by fast connection anytime anywhere. There might be some issues with the free version but not with the modded version. 

Its servers are located in some of the most popular countries such as the US, Brazil, India, Korea, Japan, UAE, Singapore, UK, Spain, Russia, Australia or South Africa, etc. and many developed countries whose internet and technology are very well developed and optimized for better experiences.

No Ads

With this modded version of premium TurboVPN, you will be getting an ad-free experience, and the advertisements are too irritating when you are in a hurry and advertisements keep on appearing. We know it in a better way because we have also suffered this that’s why here we are sharing the Turbo VPN ad-free version.

Premium Servers Unlocked

After downloading Turbo VPN from the google play store for free without subscribing to the premium plan you are not allowed to access the premium servers of different countries which are a bit faster than the free version servers. 

Premium Servers up to 5X faster than the normal version, that’s why we have some of the premium servers available in this modded version and it also doesn't ask you to buy a subscription or sign in to any account. Everything is free and unlocked to use without any signup.

Why Use Turbo VPN Pro Apk?

I know you are very much familiar with the free version of the Turbo VPN and get irritated by slow speed over VPN and too many annoying ads, and the pro version eliminates all these things and delivers a clean performance with simple UI and the fastest servers available globally absolutely for free.

In the pro version, you won’t be seeing any ads or slow speed issues, and everything will be fully unlocked without signing in to any account and subscribing to the premium plan of Turbo VPN. 

With the pro version, all the blocked contents will be accessible because it has servers available globally, which means if your favourite content is not available with any one server then you can try another one.

Free VPN Unlimited

All the android user can use its free VPN servers without any charge, and there is no limitation of time, speed, bandwidth. Everything is unlimited and free for you.

Access Any Content With Fast Speed

Yes, you read it right and access any content with a fast speed. These contents can be streaming videos, movies, live sports matches, any TV show or listening to music without buffering. Not only content but also play blocked games in your region such as PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc, It provides better speed when you play games.

Global VPN Proxy Servers

Suppose if any content is not allowed by govt but you want to watch then its global proxy servers will easily unblock all those for you, not only the geo-restricted contents but also unblock firewalls for WiFi and computer at school or somewhere else. Suppose by chance if any of the connected servers is slow or not working properly then you can change it in one tap to other servers such as US, Brazil, India, Korea, Japan, UAE, Singapore, UK, Spain, Russia, Australia or South Africa, etc.

Secure VPN Protections

Turbo VPN Pro apk is the most trusted and secured VPN application for android. It uses Military-grade AES 128-bit encryption to secure WiFi hotspot, IPsec protocols and OpenVPN protocols(UDP / TCP) to hide your online identity, and also has Automatic Kill Switch to prevent from being tracked/ leaked/ monitored.


User Reviews

jay shah I just know that when I've trouble in anyway with networks than I am using this application and this app helps me ever and that's why I am giving 5 star's to this app,Thanks to developer who made this.

Empire State MTB I've been using this for around a year and a half. It has outdone and outlasted every other VPN I've used. You don't have to log in to use it, it's just start up and go. Highly recommend this VPN. (Paying for the subscription thing just gives you the ability to use better servers, but the free ones are perfectly fine where I am))

Chairiri bong Been using this VPN for at least 2 years now. There are no problems at all for being a free user. The VPN always works and has never failed to meet my need of change in location to region-blocked content such as music on Soundcloud. I would recommend this VPN to any mobile user who is seeking a reliable and stable VPN service. I have tried others but I always find myself coming back to Turbo VPN. Good VPN, keep doing what you do, Turbo VPN

JohnTdex Hello! Thank you so much for creating this app. My device seems to have some system problems because I can't access my webtoon(app, account etc.) until I used this vpn. Too bad I can't keep it on for a long time since it seems to eat data faster. Thank you so much again! Kudos to the developers!


I hope this article would be beneficial for you to download and get more information about the Turbo VPN mod Apk, the most secure and fastest VPN application. If this article helped you to download this amazing tool for free then make sure to share this article on social media and let your friends know about this application so that they also protect their privacy and data.

Many companies use your data and sell it to 3rd party services so it is time to take action and keep yourself secure and protected from these fraud companies and try out this tool.

If you are downloading the premium version from here you will get some extra pro features that are not allowed for the users with no subscription.

Download Turbo VPN MOD APK Latest Version

App Name Turbo VPN
Version v3.5.4.2
Size 15 MB
requires 4.0 & Up
Developer Innovative Connecting
License Premium
MODS VIP Service, Ads Disabled, & More...
Updated 9 March 2021
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